Saturday, December 16, 2006

Joshua, meet Chris

This story follows after the one from yesterday. Both of them would make a little more sense if you knew what events had occurred before them. Oh well. You're getting free stories, man! Don't whine to me that they don't make any sense due to their lack of context!
Anyway, comment telling me what you think.
-The Drewcifer

Joshua was busy reading over some important documents when he heard a knock on his office door. "Come on in!" When Joshua said it, it was not so much permission as it was a command. Without looking up, he began speaking, thinking he already knew who had entered.

"Listen, Adam, can you try and track down Iris for me? She hasn't checked in in three days, and I need her to interview some of the new recruits. . ." Joshua trailed off as he looked up, and was momentarily stunned. The person standing in front of him was not Adam. It was a girl. A very pretty girl. "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else," said Joshua, sincerely apologetic.

The girl laughed, and to Joshua, her voice sounded like a sonnet. "It's quite alright. You must be the great Joshua Cressman, yes?" She laughed again, her emerald green eyes sparkling with mystery and promises of secrets to be told.

Joshua stood. "The one and only," he said with a slight bow. "I don't believe we've met Ms. . . ?"

"Wynter. Christine Wynter," Chris took Joshua's outstretched hand and shook. "But you can call me Chris."

Joshua was still somewhat awestruck by the musical quality of her voice. But he did raise an eyebrow as he disengaged the handshake. "Wynter? Are you related to Iris at all?"

Chris laughed again. "I'm her twin sister. Iris wanted you to know that she won't be able to come in for quite some time. She's taking a hiatus. I'm here to take over her duties until she gets back."

Joshua frowned. "I'm afraid it's not that simple," he explained. "Even if you two were identical twins, which you don't seem to be, the abilities Iris has are spiritual, rather than genetic in origin. There's only one Seer on Earth at a time."

Chris just grinned at him. "Well maybe there are two this time. Things change. You can't know for sure yet, can you? But trust me, anything Iris could do, I can do. If you want, I'll head over to your team of psychics and let them subject me to some test so you can know for sure. Sound good to you, boss?"

Joshua couldn't help but smile a little as she spoke. Again, it just seemed more like singing. Every sound she made was music. Joshua was completely unaware of the fact that he was rapidly falling in love with this girl. "Fine," he acceded, with a grin. "Go let the Interpreters do a couple of scans on you. Have them report back to me on their opinion of your authenticity. And if you are a bona-fide Seer, you're going to have to start on some work we've got for you right away. Iris's little stunt has put me behind somewhat."

Chris smiled warmly, winked, spun on her heel, and left the room, sashaying perhaps a little more than was strictly necessary. Joshua, being a man, couldn't help but watch her go. He sat down and smiled to himself as he leaned back in his chair. Today wasn't shaping up to be so bad after all.


Renee L. said...

Wooo, she sounds dangerous...

Jenny said...

You know I'm enjoying this story, because I've told you already, but I do have one suggestion.

If you're going to describe the attractive lady or ladies of the story, I should hope that at some point you at least provide a cursory description of a male to satisfy your female readers. Especially since we're the ones that are awesome enough to comment. ;)

Drewcifer said...

Jenny, I don't mean to sound like a smug asshole, but I'm going to have to direct you to the post "Joshua Cressman" in which you were treated to a slightly-more-than-cursory description of both Joshua and his enemy, the Principal Antagonist. Also, remember that much of this is being read out of order. The point of a lot of the descriptions of Chris is that she's very similar to Iris in almost all ways except hair color.

Jenny said...

Oops. I see a bit more description now. Thanks for pointing it out. :)

And write, por favor!

Harlequenne said...

Woof she strikes as a bitch. I don't like. But well done, honey..lessee...what was it.

There. 'Some important documents...' Just kind of blasse. Good other than that ^_^

Drewcifer said...

Whit: About that. I've still not figured out what exactly Joshua's little cadre does in this base. So yeah. These are all just whatever I can get out of my head. Some of it I just haven't managed to work out yet. Yeah. It's a little embarrassing.