Saturday, September 03, 2011

Muncie Blues

Okay, this is really hard for me to do, but here goes.

I started this song by singing it on my porch in the last couple of weeks before I left for China. Originally, it was just a chord progression I was doing to practice playing an F chord on my mandolin. It had different words every time.

While on the plane over to China, I managed to codify some lyrics that I think I can live with for the time being. The song may well go through another version or two, but I think it's pretty good.

Update: Added a few more lines and I think it's finished now.

For those of you interested in singing along, I'll include the chords for the first couple of patterns. After that, you can figure it out yourself.
So here goes. This is helping me to get over her.

Muncie Blues

So I'll write another story and sing another sad song
About some girl who's never gonna love me
What's worst is I got no right to miss her
Cuz Lord knows, I never even kissed her

And I'm finding myself at a crossroads, at a junction
Tryin' to figure out my form and my function
But listen kiddo, don't you worry about me
You worry enough as it is already

F                                                    C
Oh what the Hell am I supposed to do
With you and your Muncie blues?
No one compares to you.

F                                                    C
Oh, you know I got something to prove
And I just don't think that I can move
'Till I see it in those Muncie blues.

So I'll find another lover and sing another sad song
About a girl who's never gonna love me
While the new one sits beside me
With no idea of the pain inside me

Oh how I wish she was you
with your Muncie blues
Muncie blues

Oh and I feel my heart starting to bruise
But I think I've got nothin' to lose
When I'm staring at those Muncie blues

So I take another hit and sing another sad song
About the girl who said she'd never love me
And tell myself the drugs'll make it better
But all they do is make her eyes wetter

Oh I can tell that you don't approve
I can see it in your Muncie blues
But you don't get to choose

Oh and my heart it hasn't got a clue
Cuz if it knew what to do
It wouldn't be in love with you

And I die a little bit whenever I sing a sad song
About that girl who never did love me
And she never did love me
No she never did love me

Oh how I wish that I could tell you I'm through
That I've finally gotten over you
But that just wouldn't be true

Oh and I know the problem isn't with you
But it seems no matter what I do
I just can't forget about you

So I'll drain another glass and sing another sad song
Cuz all along I knew you'd never love me
I look for answers in this bottle of whisky
All the while wishing you were here with me

Oh it was nothing that I chose to do
but you see when I saw those Muncie blues
I knew I'd finally found my muse

But it's another empty round while I'm drowing my sorrows
Trying not think about all of the tomorrows
That you and I will never have

And the truth is now I'm more often drunk than I'm sober
Cuz at the start it was already over
Oh but ain't that the way it goes.