Monday, December 04, 2006

First Glimpse at the Tale of Joshua

It's short, and ambiguous, but I don't really have a readership yet. So whatev. The second speaker is Joshua. You'll learn more about him later.

“‘She’s one of a kind, Joshua. Her powers are quite stressful. There’s a reason that she’s killed herself in so many of these cycles, you know. You ought to go a bit easier on her.’
‘Oh? Since when did you become Gideon’s mouthpiece?’
‘Oh come on, Joshua. You know it’s not like that. Besides, you should listen to Gideon more. He’s been around a lot longer than either of us.’
Joshua walked on, silent.”

If you are intrigued, please, comment. Let me know.


benji said...

I'm a - I'm interested

Jessica P. said...

it sounds really interesting, drewcifer. ;) hope to see more!