Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer Butterflies

What follows is a poem, but please allow me a bit of navel-gazing and reflection before we get into the work itself.

"Summer Butterflies" is a poem that details the emotional content of my relationship with a particular person. It is, broadly speaking, the culmination of nearly two years of experience. Because my relationship with the person has not yet ended, the possibility of additional stanzas being added at some point in the future is a very real one. In this way, "Summer Butterflies" is a work in progress.

Because Blogger is being a real asshole about preserving my indents, and the indents are very important to this poem, I'm providing a link to the poem here. Additionally, if you don't like clicking on links, I'm embedding the poem in the post as well, though I don't really care for how tiny it is.

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