Thursday, January 10, 2008

Creative Writing

I'm in English 205: Intro to Creative Writing this semester. I figured I might as well post what I write for the class, since I'm going to have to do about a poem a week it looks like.
-The Drewcifer



Giraffes are tall but
have small tails,
not tall tales.

When I was young
We learned the story
of a giant with
an ox and axe.

My roommate plays
Guitar, and well. His
weapon of choice: An ax,
white and electric.

Eclectic is how
this poem feels.
As I stretch my literary muscles
like the neck
of a


That Girl Jonnie said...

I liked your poem! Very eclectic, yet entertaining. Keep up the good work.

Jamie said...

That was an entertaining little mental trip there Peace. Thank you for that.