Sunday, February 04, 2007

Things My Non-existant Readers Do Not Care About

. . .but that's fine with me, because they don't exist anyway.

First off, song list for Writer's Block III. Not sure why I do this. Maybe I hope if I die I'll be reincarnated and read this blog, picking up more or less where I leave off. Maybe I think someday I'll be famous and some kid will go back and try to emulate me in every way possible. Maybe I'm a creativity voyeur. Whatever. Song list time!

Songs are in the format "Song Time Artist"

Follow the Leader 2:18 Andrew Blatt
Follow the Leader ["Get to It!" Edit] 1:35 Andrew Blatt
Fun With Strums 2:03 Andrew Blatt
Instabilities 0:21 Andrew Blatt
Masked Madman 4:43 Andrew Blatt
Silas Denver [Dead or Alive Bounties Mix] 1:52 Andrew Blatt
Silas Denver [Reno Gun Control Mix] 1:16 Andrew Blatt
Softer 1:24 Andrew Blatt
Another Bag of Bricks 3:45 Flogging Molly
Broken (Featuring Amy Lee) 4:18 Seether & Amy Lee
Daisy 4:18 Switchfoot
DOA 4:12 Foo Fighters
Duel of the Fates 4:14 John Williams
Every Planet We Reach Is Dead 4:55 Gorillaz
Fall to Pieces 4:30 Velvet Revolver
Kremlin Dusk 5:13 Utada Hikaru
Pain 3:01 Jimmy Eat World
Pure 3:30 Superchick
Remedy 3:27 Seether
Sevens 3:49 Samuel R. Hazo
So On 4:16 Silers Bald
Sophmore Slump or Comeback of the Year 3:23 Fall Out Boy
Suddenly 3:35 Superchick
Sweetness 3:40 Jimmy Eat World
The Rare Ould Times 4:06 Flogging Molly
The Storm 3:02 The Procussions
Three Days Later 2:23 FM Static
Apocalypse Please 4:12 Muse
Time Is Running Out 3:56 Muse
Hysteria 3:47 Muse
Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist 3:11 Muse
Starlight 3:59 Muse
Supermassive Black Hole 3:29 Muse
Map Of The Problematique 4:18 Muse
Assassin 3:31 Muse
Bathroom Stall 2:45 Epoxies
Please Please 3:42 Epoxies
Radiation 2:13 Epoxies
Stop the Future 2:06 Epoxies
Struggle Like No Other 1:55 Epoxies
No Interest 3:05 Epoxies
Fly 4:52 Sugar Ray
Under the Sun 3:20 Sugar Ray
Every Morning 3:40 Sugar Ray
Waste 3:27 Smash Mouth
Then the Morning Comes 3:04 Smash Mouth
Defeat You 3:54 Smash Mouth
Home 3:12 Smash Mouth

That's 48 songs! That's 40 in a base 12 system!

I think I'll do a short story now. What to do it over. . .

The problem is that I'm being distracted by trying to pick out the next dozen songs to construct Writer's Block IV. . .

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